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to the museum

Museum MORE is open again! You can buy entrance tickets from us. This can only be done online. Even if you hold the Museum Card or other cards that we accept.

    Read more about the measures we take for a safe and responsible museum visit below or view our frequently asked questions. Therefore we can receive you as pleasant and safe as possible!

    The visiting conditions on this page may change, so stay tuned to this page.

    Last update: 6/1/2020 8:30 AM

    Museum card and Bank Giro Loterij VIP card holders

    All visits must be booked in advance to ensure a safe and responsible visit. That is why it is also necessary for Museum Card and Bank Giro Loterij VIP card holders to buy a ticket with time slot online. This also applies to other cards that we accept, such as CJP or ICOM. Take your card with you when you visit the museum. Admission tickets are sold with reservation. The visiting conditions may change if this is necessary to comply with (any new) guidelines set by the government.

    Tickets online only

    Temporarily you can only buy a ticket online for Museum MORE and Ruurlo Castle. There are no tickets available at the box office. Do you have trouble ordering an online ticket? Please contact Global Ticket and indicate which of our two competitions you want to visit via 020 244 2877 or, they will help you through the ordering process. Also view our frequently asked questions.

    What measures do we take in the museum?

    We follow the guidelines from RIVM and the Museum Association. To ensure a safe and responsible visit, we take the following measures in the museum:

    • In the museum you follow a fixed walking route that passes all exhibitions
    • For each room it is indicated how many people may be present in the room
    • Hand gel and / or disinfectants are available for visitors at the entrance and at central locations in the museum
    • Unfortunately, (entry) tours are not possible for the time being
    • It is only possible to buy a ticket with a time slot online, you cannot visit the museum without an online ticket
    • Every checkout place is equipped with a plexiglass cover
    • There are no cash registers open next to each other to keep sufficient distance between visitors
    • We ask you to stay in the museum for a maximum of 1.5 hours
    • Leave your jacket and luggage in the car: there is no cloakroom facility available now
    • Touch points such as stair railings, elevator buttons, toilet areas, ATM and door buttons are cleaned regularly
    • Additional personnel have been deployed to guide you and to ensure that everyone is complying with the regulations
    • Preferably pay contactless or by pin
    • Café MORE can only be visited by reservation
    • Do not visit the museum if you or someone from your household has certain (cold) complaints. Via this link you can see at RIVM which complaints this concerns.
    • Keep a meter and a half away from visitors who do not belong to your household
    • In the toilet room we allow a maximum of one person at a time
    • In the elevator we allow a maximum of one person or one household at a time.
    • In the museum shop we allow a maximum of 2 persons or one household at a time

    Avoid public transport where possible, come as much as possible with your own transport and especially go to museums in (the area) of your place of residence or residence. Also view our frequently asked questions.

    Follow the instructions of our employees

    Our employees are happy to help you and keep an eye on whether visitors are following the guidelines properly. Museum MORE can refuse visitors at the door if it appears that there are certain (cold) complaints. If visitors do not follow the instructions of our employees and do not comply with the visiting conditions and hygiene measures, we can request visitors to leave the museum.

    Book in advance if you want to have a drink or lunch at Café MORE

    If you want to order something from Café MORE before or after your museum visit, you must make a reservation in advance. This is a mandatory guideline from the government. This way you can make safe and pleasant use of the catering industry and we prevent it from becoming too busy in the museum café. In good weather there is also service on the terrace.

    Café MORE in Gorssel. Reserve by calling 0575 760 199 or 0850 430 269. You can also email to

    Sick on the day of your visit?

    If you have flu or cold complaints at the chosen date and time, you can request a voucher that allows you to visit the museum at a later time. Request a voucher by contacting Global Ticket on 020 244 2877 or

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