British Realists

15.09.19 - 05.01.20
30 Meridith Frampton A Game of Patience

For the first time outside of Great Britain. This Autumn, Dutch Museum MORE is organizing a major retrospective For Real. With 75 works by no fewer than 35 artists, the museum puts the best, most fascinating and unexpected of British painting from the interbellum in the spotlight.

A careful selection of top works paints a diverse and fantastic picture of the artistic developments on the other side of The Channel in the Roaring Twenties and Dirty Thirties. Related to international neo-realism but sometimes unmistakably British. Elegant stiff-upper-lip portraits, naive working-class scenes, motionless landscapes and cityscapes, alienating still lifes, but also expressive, intense works.

Edward Wadsworth, Fruits de mer, 1926, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, schenking NN

Meet forgotten society greats such as Meredith Frampton and Gerald Leslie Brockhurst or war painter Christopher Nevinson and the exceptional Stanley Spencer. It also appears that a striking number of female artists have been active at a high level, including Dod Procter, Hilda Carline, Winifred Knights and the Zinkeisen sisters.

With dozens of loans from prestigious collections including Tate, National Portrait Gallery, National Galleries of Scotland, The Ashmolean Museum, Royal Academy of Arts, Ferens Art Gallery, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and international private collections.

Featured artists

Mary Adshead | Harry Epworth Allen | John Armstrong | Edward Baird | Robert Baker | Margaret Barker | James Bateman | Alan Beeton | Gerald Leslie Brockhurst | Harry Bush | Hilda Carline | John Cosmo Clark | James Cowie | Margaret L. Duncan | Meredith Frampton | Colin Gill | Lancelot Myles Glasson | Edward Irvine Halliday | Harold Harvey | Gladys Hynes | Winifred Knights | Thomas Esmond Lowinsky | James McIntosh Patrick | Christopher Nevinson | Algernon Cecil Newton | Dod Procter | William Patrick Roberts | Clifford Rowe | Percy Shakespeare | Gilbert Spencer | Stanley Spencer | Leonard Campbell Taylor | Edward Alexander Wadsworth | Anna Katrina Zinkeisen | Doris Clare Zinkeisen.

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