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at Museum MORE

When you spend a day at Museum MORE you can easily combine that with other activities and sights in the region. If you want to enjoy a good cup of coffee or a delicious lunch during your visit to the museum, you can do so in the on-site brasserie called Café MORE. You can also go to the neighboring restaurant Loetje for a good lunch or dinner.

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Our museum has its own brasserie. Here you can enjoy a good cup of coffee or a delicious lunch. The café can also be visited without a ticket for the museum. The terrace is open in good weather. Reservations can be made via

Loetje Gorssel

With over 35 years of experience, Loetje has built up a great reputation in the Dutch restaurant world. Due to the unbeatable quality of Loetjes steaks, this topper attracts guests from all over the country.

Loetje Gorssel | Hoofdstraat 26 | 7213 CW Gorssel | 0575-760199 |

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