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Discover the exhibitions that can be seen at Museum MORE in Gorssel. Also view the exhibitions for Kasteel Ruurlo.

26 May 2019 t/m 1 September 2019

Euan Uglow

Dutch Museum MORE is dedicating its summer exhibition to British painter Euan Uglow (1932-2000). This is the first time Uglow’s oeuvre will be showcased outside the United Kingdom. A selection of approximately 60 nudes, portraits, still lifes, landscapes and 20 drawings will provide a unique insight into Uglow’s obsessive search for absolute perception.

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15 September 2019 t/m 5 January 2020

British Realists

For the first time outside of Great Britain. This Autumn, Dutch Museum MORE is organizing a major retrospective For Real. With 75 works by no fewer than 35 artists, the museum puts the best, most fascinating and unexpected of British painting from the interbellum in the spotlight.

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Now on display
Vanaf 5 December 2019

Discover modern realism

With this semi-permanent exhibition, Museum MORE presents a cross-section of its own art collection. The MORE collection is rooted in Dutch realism from the first half of the last century. More than 120 works by more than 40 different artists provide a varied picture of more than a century of modern realism in the Netherlands.

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19 January 2020 t/m 20 September 2020

Jan Beutener

With more than 70 paintings, Museum MORE brings a tribute to the work of Jan Beutener (1932). Beutener is a discoverer of things. In his realism, the detail that strikes him is central. A look back at 50 years of artistry.

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10 April 2020 t/m 25 October 2020

Jan Mankes

In honor of Jan Mankes’ centenary, Museum MORE is displaying all Mankes paintings from our own collection in the Garden Room this Spring and Summer, supplemented by beautiful loans. You can then admire about 35 masterpieces by “Holland’s most tranquil painter”.

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Still 36 days to see
4 October 2020 t/m 24 May 2021

New Framing

For the first time in a Dutch museum, neorealistic painting, New Photography and interbellum film will meet in one exhibition. This unique exhibition shows how these three art forms in the Netherlands at the time had a strong affinity.

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Still 140 days to see
19 November 2020 t/m 5 September 2021

Bob Ross | Happy Painting

Happy news! Museum MORE is the first museum in the world to hold a solo exhibition of this fabulous painting coach and cult icon who remains immensely popular to this day.

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Coming soon
6 June 2021 t/m 26 September 2021

Konrad Klapheck

This summer, Museum MORE is hosting a large-scale retrospective of the work of Konrad Klapheck (born 1935, Düsseldorf). Klapheck is one of the most important and interesting personalities in post-war German art history, as well as an artist of international renown embraced by collectors in Belgium, Switzerland, France, Italy and the USA.

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