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Raoul Hynckes

The Glass of Red Wine, preliminary study, 1935

Raoul Hynckes (1893-1973) mainly achieved success with his theatrically lit still lifes. Many of them contain objects that refer (intentionally or not) to the transience of life. In this work from the 1930s, the skulls and dead animals have made way for more everyday objects: a glass of wine, a bask ... et with apples and pears, a book, and a seemingly casually draped cloth. Given his own words, Hynckes’ choice of shiny ripe fruit is surprising: ‘I don’t like apples. I don’t like to eat them, and I don’t like to paint them. Their bright colours have absolutely no affinity with the subdued and discreet tonalities that, critics say, are the hallmark of my palette. I only like apples when they are rotten.’ In the final painting (Dordrechts Museum), the apple half at the top appears to have been lying there for a while, for it has turned slightly brown. Text: Myrthe Wesseling, guide and museum host
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Raoul Hynckes
The Glass of Red Wine, preliminary study
Mixed media on paper
60 x 70.5 cm (h x w)
Type of object

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