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Jan Worst | A Curious Universe

Alienating worlds

Exhibition on display at Museum MORE in Gorssel from 9 July to 29 October 2023

Museum MORE presents the first museum retrospective of work by Jan Worst
From 9 July 2023, Museum MORE in Gorssel presents the exhibition A Curious Universe, featuring 45 works by the painter Jan Worst. He paints opulent interiors, richly decorated with tapestries, well-stocked bookcases, antique furniture and art, and chiefly populated by women and children. A world of wealth, luxury, privilege and physical beauty, with a voyeuristic undertone, ostensibly set in baroque palaces and English country houses. Worst’s work has been popular around the world since the nineties. With this major retrospective, Museum MORE becomes the first museum to focus on the impressive oeuvre of this Dutch artist, who turns 70 this summer.

Viviane Sassen | Fabulous Monsters

Beauty and shadow

Exhibition on display at Ruurlo Castle from 17 June to 24 September 2023.

Museum MORE | Ruurlo Castle and Dat Bolwerck present a double exhibition of work by photographer Viviane Sassen. Opening this June, Fabulous Monsters unites the two disciplines that characterise Sassen’s oeuvre: fashion photography and independent photographic work. Both exhibitions reveal the remarkably surrealistic quality of Sassen’s photography. Fabulous Monsters explores the conscious and the unconscious, light and shadow. The exhibition at Ruurlo Castle focuses on the conscious, light and eroticism, while the exhibition at Dat Bolwerck probes the shady side of the psyche.

Download full press release and images below.

Naive realism | From Rousseau to Grandma Moses

Exhibition on display at Museum MORE in Gorssel from 25 March to 25 June 2023.

Uninhibited, imaginative and touchingly uncomplicated. This appears to be the irresistible appeal of naive realism. But this seemingly straightforward surface conceals a rich artistic spectrum. And its unschooled makers were on the cusp of modern art. Museum MORE is uniting 80 paintings by renowned and less well-known naive realists from the United States and Europe. A unique transatlantic assembly of distinctive artworks and captivating life stories. Inspired by the pioneering exhibition Masters of Popular Painting at New York’s Museum of Modern Art 85 years ago, Museum MORE is reuniting works by many artists featured in the original exhibition. Naive realism. From Rousseau to Grandma Moses features remarkable art by self-taught artists including Henri Rousseau, Camille Bombois, Séraphine Louis, Nikifor, Grandma Moses, John Kane, Horace Pippin and Morris Hirshfield.

Download full press release and images below.

Roots | Drawings by Samah Shihadi

Exhibition on display at Museum MORE in Gorssel from 19 February to 3 September 2023

Samah Shihadi draws to not forget. With her delicate, sensitive and precise works, this Palestinian artist offers a personal and yet universal portrayal of displacement and her historical roots. Shihadi’s hyperrealistic drawings, in black and white, and every shade of grey in between, appear to be statements that also bring comfort. A selection of Shihadi’s emotionally charged landscapes, touching family scenes, symbolic still lifes and mystical self-portraits will be on display in her first solo museum exhibition in Europe.

Lynne Leegte | Fantastic Voyage

Exhibition on display at Ruurlo Castle from 22 January to 11 June 2023.

This spring, Museum MORE | Ruurlo Castle will be displaying some fifty works from the poetic oeuvre of artist Lynne Leegte. Her sculptures and photographs will be on display in seven rooms and in the stairwell.