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Entrance fees

View the entrance fees of Museum MORE in Gorssel. View the entrance fees to Ruurlo Castle, our second location.

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Museum card / VriendenLoterij VIP card

Adults (€ 1,- online discount)
€ 19,50
Children 0 to 5 years
Youth 6 to 18 years
€ 5,50
Combination ticket Museum MORE & Ruurlo Castle
Adults € 29,50
Children 6 to 18 years € 14,50
Guided tours
€ 99,50
Special openings and
room rental
For options, mail to
Museum card
€ 64,90
Youth 6 to 18 years € 32,45

Admission museum card holders

Museum card holders only get access if they can show the original museum card. This is in accordance with Article 4.3 of the conditions of use of the Museum Card Association:

Access to the Museum is only granted on presentation of the original of the Museum card. The Cardholder who is in possession of a valid Museum card but cannot show it - for whatever reason - on the spot is not entitled to access. Copies or (digital) images of the Museum card are not accepted.

Bank giro card holders receive access with the original VIP card, a copy thereof or a digital version that is on an app.

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