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Barend Blankert

Straw hat on the table, 2006

On the table, we see a straw hat, slightly off-centre in the well-considered composition. It appears to be illuminated by a low evening sun, and to possess mysterious – perhaps human – qualities. In a sense, The Hat is therefore a self-portrait by – and of – Barend Blankert (1941). As with his pain ... tings featuring people, who are always depicted at rest, this is a hushed scene. Furniture and other seemingly trivial items often make appearances in Blankert’s oeuvre. ‘The things simply need to be painted. They imperturbably force themselves upon me’, says the artist. For Blankert, painting is an intrinsic necessity and a prolonged process, in various layers of acrylic, alkyd and oil paints, always on panel. Text: Renate Ketelaars, guide and museum host
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Barend Blankert
Straw hat on the table
Oil on panel
59 x 74.5 cm (h x w)
Type of object
© Barend Blankert

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