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Edgar Fernhout

Autumn Leaves, 1938

In the late 1930s, Edgar Fernhout (1912-1974) spent a long period in Alassio on the Italian Riviera, in light of the poor health of his then wife Rachel Fernhout-Pellekaan. This is where he painted this autumnal still life. The image is heavily zoomed, like in a photograph, revealing a great deal o...f detail on the ground. Dry oak leaves curling up, fallen acorns, to the right the slightly opened husk of a chestnut and two indistinct fruits (an apple and a peach ?), the latter of which almost appears to be luminous. With war on the horizon, the couple were forced to return to the Netherlands in 1939. Back home, Fernhout, guided by his mother Charley Toorop (herself also an artist), mainly produced static and straightforward scenes. Text: Myrthe Wesseling, guide and museum host
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Edgar Fernhout
Autumn Leaves
Oil on canvas
27.5 x 40.5 cm (h x w)
Type of object
© Pictoright

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