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Jan Boon

Still-Life with Eggs, a Knife and a Blue Enamel Pan, 1944

The shiny blue enamel of the pan in this still life by Jan Boon (1882-1975) reflects the direct surroundings. Boon made a number of paintings featuring this pan, a knife and a few eggs or lemons, varying the viewpoint and cropping of the composition. P.T.A. Swillens (1890-1963), a draughtsman who ... made technical drawings for the art history degree programme in Utrecht, was very keen on Boon’s work. In circa 1941, he wrote a monograph on the artist. The art critic H. Groeneveldt was also a fan, and believed that the longer you looked at Boon’s works, the more you fell in love with them, particularly with how Boon rendered his subjects. In 1932, Groenevelt wondered why only a single work by Boon could be found in a museum collection (that of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam). This was perhaps due to Boon’s labour intensive, meticulous working method, which meant that his work was scarce. From 1898 to 1903, Boon attended evening courses at The Hague Academy. He painted, drew, made etchings and woodcarvings. In addition to still lifes (often of flowers), Boon also made portraits and landscapes. Between 1930 and 1960, he also made numerous illustrations of flowers and plants for the Amsterdamsche Superfosfaatfabriek, a superphosphate factory. Text: Evelien Verheij, collection coordinator
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Jan Boon
Still-Life with Eggs, a Knife and a Blue Enamel Pan
Oil on canvas
30 x 40 cm (h x w)
Type of object

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