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Jan van Tongeren

Still Life Composition near a Farm, 1944

Jan van Tongeren (1897-1991) grew up in Oldebroek, in the Veluwe region. He was enchanted by the know-how of traditional crafts in the rural areas. He learned woodcarving and could amuse himself endlessly in the workshops of the blacksmith and the wheelwright. He made his first still life – a milk j ... ug on a table – at the age of six. His parents were impressed, and in 1921, Van Tongeren began training as a drawing teacher in Amsterdam. This still life on the farm is a reminder of Van Tongeren’s youth in the Veluwe. He still had a predilection for ‘the appearance of things’ when he painted this work in 1944. Each object on the wooden table is rendered with equal attention and precision. Van Tongeren first determined the colour scheme and subsequently the composition. Only then did he select the objects. Depicting the textures and materials was vital in this, but the same object could take on a different colour in different paintings. In his later work, the colours played an even greater role, and the rendering of materials was increasingly downgraded. Text: Myrthe Wesseling, guide and museum host
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Jan van Tongeren
Still Life Composition near a Farm
Oil on canvas
100.5 x 80.5 cm (h x w)
Type of object

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