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Pyke Koch

Still Life with Quinces, 1946

Pyke Koch (1901-1991) is best known for his street scenes. The poet Adriaan Roland Holst (1888-1976) once characterized his work as: ‘Willink paints: the world. Koch paints: life.’ However, Koch also excelled in small, refined still lifes. Koch abandoned his law studies shortly before he was to rec ... eive his degree in 1927 to devote himself to painting. While had made a few drawings, he was clueless with respect to the visual arts. He learnt his meticulous painting technique mainly from artist friends, books on materials and techniques, and took classes on the historical use of materials at the Utrecht Institute of Art History. He was inspired by the Flemish Primitives, as well as Italian Renaissance painters such as Piero della Francesca (1412-1492) and Andrea Mantegna (1430-1506). Koch used a fine and detailed painting technique for this still life. Two yellow quinces lie on a beige stone surface, behind which a landscape unfolds. A small cloud is lit up – by the moon? The atmosphere is nocturnal and hushed. Text: Myrthe Wesseling, guide and museum host
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Pyke Koch
Still Life with Quinces
Oil on canvas on panel
15 x 19 cm (h x w)
Type of object
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