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Quirijn van Tiel

Man with a Cigarette, 1944

Quirijn van Tiel (1900-1967) was born in Rotterdam and suffered poor health. He studied art for two years at the evening academy (1916-1918), but little came of it. He continued to work independently and from 1922 had his own studio. Upon seeing the work of Flemish Expressionist Constant Permeke (18 ... 86-1952) at an exhibition, he also began painting peasant life in a dark, Expressionist style. Some ten years later, an exhibition devoted to the 15th-century artist Hieronymus Bosch in Museum Boymans was another eye-opener for Van Tiel: he adopted a Surrealist style, his ‘fantastical period.’ From 1943 onwards, the Surrealist elements disappeared from Van Tiel’s paintings. He switched to simple compositions with one or a few figures, such as this Man with a Cigarette. The heavy contours and dark palette create a dramatic expression, reinforced by the one staring eye and the stylized facial features. The Dutch paint manufacturer and collector Pierre Alexandre Regnault (1868-1954) regularly bought work by Van Tiel. Regnault built up his internationally renowned collection based on his personal taste. Van Tiel became an important sounding board for him; they corresponded with one another weekly, and Regnault regularly invited the artist to accompany him on his trips abroad. Long-term loan from the Cultural Heritage Agency. Text: Renate Ketelaars, guide and museum host
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Quirijn van Tiel
Man with a Cigarette
Oil on canvas
126 x 98 cm (h x w)
Type of object

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