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Quirijn van Tiel

Self-portrait, 1930 - 1940

This Self-portrait by Quirijn van Tiel (1900-1967) is painted in an expressive, realistic style reminiscent of that of Charley Toorop (1891-1955) and Hendrik Chabot (1894-1949). Van Tiel had become familiar with such works during a stay on Walcheren. The artist depicted himself with sharp facial f ... eatures, brush, and palette in hand. In the background is the Zeeland landscape and a halo of clouds surrounds him. Art collector Pierre Alexandre Regnault was an ardent patron of Quirijn van Tiel, but this support notwithstanding interest in his oeuvre was limited. Regnault first became acquainted with Quirijn van Tiel’s work at a one-man show of this Rotterdam artist at the Amsterdam art dealer Van Lier. He immediately bought a work there and went on to acquire a large part of the painter’s oeuvre up until his death in 1954. Kunstzaal Van Lier was also crucial to Van Tiel’s career – as well as that of several other Realists in Museum MORE’s collection. Long-term loan from the Cultural Heritage Agency. Text: Renate Ketelaars, guide and museum host
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Quirijn van Tiel
1930 - 1940
Oil on canvas
75 x 58 cm (h x w)
Type of object

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