Terms and Conditions

Would you rather not stand in line at the checkout? Then order an e-ticket online in advance via our ticket module. After the transaction you will receive your entrance ticket by e-mail. You can take this with you when you visit or show it on your smartphone.

Please note: E-tickets are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Museum cardholders cannot order e-tickets. The Museum Card is valid with a ‚ā¨ 3 surcharge. You must have the Museum Card scanned at our desk where you also pay the surcharge. This means that you cannot pay the supplement online in advance.

Explanation E-ticket

E-tickets allow access to the museum without having to queue at the box office. E-tickets give access to the entire museum, both the permanent collection and all temporary exhibitions, unless our website explicitly states that you need a special ticket. After the transaction you will receive your ticket by email. You must print it before your visit or show it on the spot on your smartphone. If you buy multiple tickets, you must print or show all tickets. When entering the museum you can walk straight to the exhibition. By scanning the ticket you enter. If your group consists of several people, you must scan all tickets.

E-tickets are valid for a maximum of 1 year after purchase. It is not possible to change the validity date after purchase and we do not refund any unused e-tickets.

You will normally receive your e-ticket by email within minutes of purchase. If you still have not received a ticket an hour after purchase, first check the spam box of your email program. E-tickets are sometimes seen as spam. If the ticket has not arrived there, please contact info@museummore.nl before traveling to the museum. It is not possible for our employees to check on arrival whether you have an e-ticket or to print this ticket for you.

The QR code on the e-tickets may not be folded or damaged. If damaged, the QR code may not be read and access may not be granted. An e-ticket only gives access to the museum once. Our General Terms and Conditions of Visit apply to the e-tickets.

For questions and problems regarding e-tickets, please contact info@museummore.nl.

It is not possible to book guided tours and group visits as an e-ticket.