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Ger Langeweg

Still Life with Geraniums, 1927

Although this drawing by Ger Langeweg (1891-1970) is undated, it was probably created around 1930-1935. This seems likely as in that period Langeweg painted several realistic still lifes inspired by Raoul Hynckes (1893-1973) and Wim Schuhmacher (1894-1986). From 1935 Langeweg’s pictures became mor ... e surreal, partly under the influence of the world-famous painter Giorgio de Chirico (1888-1978). After the Second World War Langeweg drew quite a lot, making a series of sinister drawings (1945-1946) about the horror of war and death. Due to this series and because of later popular drawings of organic forms Langeweg was considered one of the few Dutch Surrealists. His love for drawing is demonstrated by the fact that in 1951 Langeweg, together with the artists Henk Broer (1904-1986), Oey Tjeng Sit (1917-1987) and Leo Schatz (1918-2014), launched the quarterly magazine for drawings, Zwart en wit. Driemaandelijks tijdschrift voor tekeningen. It was intended as a ‘drawing exhibition by post,’ in response to the scant attention paid to work on paper by museums and galleries. Text: Evelien Verheij, collection coordinator
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Ger Langeweg
Still Life with Geraniums
Charcoal on paper
95.5 x 69 cm (h x w)
Type of object

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