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Co Westerik

Biscuit in the Tea II, 2007

Co Westerik (1924-2018): ‘To me, the visual arts are a bit like theatre. The canvas is a stage, upon which you make your scene as dramatic as possible. […] People make things with such technical virtuosity that you can say little else than: that’s very well done. But that’s a bromide , it’s not eno ... ugh. The subject can be utterly banal, a biscuit, but how you handle that biscuit can make it interesting. That’s the drama, the intervention in nature, which makes your eye linger on that biscuit’. And Westerik remained fascinated with the biscuit: this is the second version. Westerik’s subjects are based on reality, but not always true to life. He creates a figurative world completely his own, sometimes featuring objects either truncated by the edge of the picture or vastly magnified, as with this biscuit. Supplementary context or information on the surroundings therefore often remains unclear, also because the perspective doesn’t always make sense. The rendering of the materials is not always precise: smooth and rough surfaces are often similarly undefinable. Nevertheless, Westerik adeptly captures the ‘skin’ of his subjects. Skin coloured shades play a major role in his palette.
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Co Westerik
Biscuit in the Tea II
Mixed media on canvas
83 x 105 cm (h x w)
Type of object
© Pictoright

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