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Jan Mankes

Ginger Jar with Heather, 1916

The ginger jar with its characteristic green colour draws all the attention in this still life by Jan Mankes (1889-1920). The thin stems of the heather with here and there a glowing red bud contrast strongly with the white background. Antique Chinese ginger pots were a favourite still-life subject, ... not only for Mankes but also for Jan Boon (1918-1988), for instance. Mankes loved antique objects: they made him feel connected to artists from earlier times whom he admired. He sometimes received curios and other old objects from his patron A.A.M. Pauwels (1875-1952), such as oil bottles, cologne flacons, ginger pots, and soy jars. Mankes would occasionally buy antique furniture himself. Already during Mankes’ short life, his work attracted a great deal of attention. It was sold by various art dealers, including Jan Schüller (1871-1915) of The Hague and Nico van Harpen (1858-1931) of the Larensche Kunsthandel, an art dealership, in Amsterdam. From 1909, cigar trader Pauwels from The Hague became Mankes’ patron. They exchanged many letters and Pauwels sent him painting materials and catalogues. Text: Evelien Verheij, collection coordinator
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Jan Mankes
Ginger Jar with Heather
Oil on canvas
31 x 25.5 cm (h x w)
Type of object

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