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Levi van Veluw

Landscape III, 2008

Landscapes by Levi van Veluw (1985) is a four-part photograph series supplemented with a video. By translating traditional (Romantic) landscape painting into a three-dimensional installation along the contours of his head and face, Van Veluw gives a new interpretation of this genre. In his series, ... he examines and reinterprets the shape, contours, and formal characteristics of his own head. By doing so, he creates a new image with great visual impact: these are not self-portraits. In Landscape I his head is covered with a mossy meadow in which tiny sheep are grazing. In photo Landscape II we again see a miniature landscape with a tractor, a cow, and sheep. In photo III a van drives through a mossy forest landscape from his crown to his left eye. Number IV is a snowy landscape, illuminated by lampposts that really shine. In 2004, while still a student at ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem, for practical reasons Van Veluw began making (sometimes unrecognizable) ‘self-portraits’ with which he could experiment. He made several series, using various materials such as ballpoint pens, stones, and wood chips. The basis of the portraits is al most always the same: his head and shoulders, the face turned slightly to the right. Occasionally his face is turned to the left or a hand is visible. In addition to photographs, Van Veluw makes installations, films, sculptures, drawings, and paintings.
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Levi van Veluw
Landscape III
Color photograph
120 x 100 cm (h x w)
Type of object
© Levi van Veluw / Galerie Ron Mandos, Amsterdam

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