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Wim Schuhmacher

Double Nude in a Landscape, 1937

Wim Schuhmacher (1894-1986) positioned two young, nude women, who almost seem to emit light, on an overgrown hill in a Corsican mountain landscape. ‘Since beautiful women are as scarce as experts who can serve as aesthetic advisers, the painter fashioned his figures more according to an idea that ar ... ose in his mind than after living models,’ critic Kasper Niehaus wrote about the painting. However, for those close to the artist it was clear that the models were Wera and Anneke. They were the daughters of Schumacher’s partner Melitta Lass (1890-1967) from a previous relationship. Schumacher must have relied on earlier sketches or photographs for the landscape, as he had not been to Corsica for years in 1937. The almost life-size format and the subject of the work make it an exception in his oeuvre. The landscape in the background is rendered with atmospheric perspective: blue-grey fading into the distance. The village on the hill seems to be a visual echo of the composition in the foreground. All this is done in Schuhmacher’s typical soft tones and diffuse light. Text: Boris Ariaens, guide and museum host
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Wim Schuhmacher
Double Nude in a Landscape
Oil on canvas
180 x 140 cm (h x w)
Type of object
© Wilma Schuhmacher

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